Much Ado About Streaming

Last night, I did a thing.

It is a thing I have been building to for a long while, since I launched this blog back in February (time flies, eh?)

I love writing. I published a book, once upon a time, one that did pretty alright. Writing about an external thing is where I am most comfortable, when it is not as much weaving a narrative from whole cloth as it is using some predefined things to be able to then connect the dots in an interesting way. (This, by the way, is probably the truest reason I love writing big speculative things about WoW :))

But something I’ve come to enjoy more is performative arts. I have done stand-up before, and having an audience, feeding off of that, is something I love. The preparation for the act, rehearsing jokes and thinking of responses for hecklers – it is also pretty great.

There exists an intersection of all of my current interests and desires, though. A way in which I can play a game, perform humorously, and share interesting stories and narratives.


My plan, after running some more test streams, is to start next week. I have streamed before, back in 2013, when I ran a 5-night a week WoW stream, playing Shadow Priest. It only lasted a month, before my un-engagement led to me moving and having to stop. (not that I un-engaged from WoW, but…eh, it’s a long story.) I enjoyed it, but I wasn’t nearly charismatic enough to pull it off then. I can see that now. I watched the archived videos of it I still had when I was preparing my hard drive for the new channel – it was…uh, well, it was sure something. It turns out when I’m nervous, I speak in a monotone. The things you learn!

So in posting this here, you might wonder – does this mean no more blogs? Quite the contrary. My goal is to share my love of gaming in whatever format that best suits the thoughts. I will still be writing, in fact, my goal is to write MORE. Somewhere in the neighborhood of a post a day, perhaps two on some days. Now that work trips and Blizzcon are off the schedule, I have a big opportunity to write, write, write, and to capture lots of video, and to stream quite a bit. If you like reading my stuff, good news, I plan to have more of it – similar to the pre-Blizzcon schedule, but even larger and also more focused on the current game! If you happen to be interested in other forms of content though, I’ll be all over the place.

In addition to streams, my other goals are to return to YouTube with analysis that will be somewhat similar to what I write, but with more jokes and humor woven in. My style of speaking, when written out, tends to make my jokes a bit weird – but in a video, with actual speaking, I can deliver them the way they are envisioned in my head! I’ve already got blog posts and videos in the hopper ready to begin dropping after the Thanksgiving holiday here in the US.

I’m also debating a couple of weekly short podcasts, with a small bit of audio content – probably mainly focused on news about both WoW and Final Fantasy XIV (in separate podcasts). Maybe even some more general gaming news, but I think I’ll be doing that via videos more.

My hope, and ambition, is that if things go well over the long weekend (I have some production graphics to finish and some more tests to do) that I will be launching everything on Monday – more blogs, nightly streams six nights a week, and daily YouTube video uploads, mainly with focus on WoW, but with a few FF XIV bits sprinkled in every week, and a few general gaming topical videos added on top of that. I’ll admit that my plan is super-ambitious and may require some adjustments, but I am very excited to share all the facets of my gaming obsession with the world. My hope is that my enthusiasm will be infectious enough to capture anyone that watches/listens/reads. 🙂

Likewise, I am eager to write even more and share with all the wonderful commentators that come through my blogs and have such thoughtful and insightful things to say. It makes it worth all the struggle and proofreading to see you all pepper my stuff with likes and comments, and I want to make even more stuff to engage with. If you have stuff you’d like to see me talk about, whether in text/audio/video, I’ve opened up my email inbox for those – is a great way to send those through, or on Twitter DMs, or even in comments here!

I have a lot of posts coming, first wrapping up my experiences at Blizzcon with Battle for Azeroth, before diving in to Antorus, talking more about Demon Hunter gameplay, and also sharing some stories from leveling (I’ve started a Tauren Paladin this week to join some folks from the Blizznerds community).

So there it is – I wanted to share, because it will be quiet here for a few days, but the tradeoff will be a lot more stuff to read, and more ways to interact – which hopefully is a thing that sounds good.

My gamble is that it does. 🙂

4 thoughts on “Much Ado About Streaming

  1. Reading suits my busy day schedule the best, but I am curious for what you are about to start too! As for stuff Id like to see you talk about, every subject you have started on your blog has been great, so keep at it 🙂 Good luck on the journey!

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  2. This sounds awesome, good luck!! I’ll definitely have to follow your streaming account (I’m going to assume Twitch?) once you get everything set up. This is going to be so great, I’ll be here with pom poms cheering for you! 😀

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