Patch 7.2 Retrospective – Or, How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Find the Chests

With Patch 7.2’s lifecycle winding to a close, I thought today would be a good day to write up some thoughts on the content we received, particularly since I re-read my initial impressions, and I’ve been doing some of the quests now on alts.

The Legionfall Quests – ugh. That about sums it up. No, but seriously, there are some good bits in the class hall ones, and some of the lore (Anduin stuff) is pretty nice, but the quests really kind of fell flat towards the end. If there had been story hooks like Suramar Insurrection, I would have probably enjoyed it a lot more, but as it was, the best moment was the Nethershard miscount by Khadgar. The rest of it was flat and dull – which, I get, since the quests were all designed to show you what repeatable content there was on the Broken Shore. The problem is that without those good lore moments as connective tissue, you effectively were playing an extended tutorial for the zone.

The Buildings – these are cool. I’ve been slacking on Mage Tower, but I bet now I could power through both challenges on my Demon Hunter. I enjoy these, since they are pretty well designed and do test your ability as a player – gear does help, but if you suck at the game, not enough. The other two offer less gameplay, but being able to craft legendaries is cool and has not been a problem as some people predicted it might be. The new world bosses are fun and offer a good mix of gameplay, even if they’re fairly simple zergfests, as the world bosses tend to be.

The Broken Shore Itself – the gameplay on the island is pretty cool, even if the quests don’t really sell that well. The chest finding is great, the variety and difficulty of rare mobs works well, the varied terrain is alright for navigating from the ground but definitely sells flying access effectively, and the world quest options are fantastic. The only thing I dislike about it is that it relies on the black and green color palette we’ve had for 3 years now a bit too much. There is some variety, but I am going to be stoked for the better parts of Argus that aren’t those colors, and of course a hopeful new expansion that finally breaks free of black and green.

Other Updates – the emissary caches are cool. I really like them, and they’re nice little rewards for continuing to play. I don’t feel like I absolutely have to be logging in every 3 days to do world quests on my main, but there’s something in it for me to do so. I haven’t done the pet battle dungeon – I have a great slate of level 25 pets, but I just haven’t bothered to mess with it. Same goes for the Aviana quests, the Falcosaur stuff, or the Deaths of Chromie (I know some of these were introduced earlier, but still). It speaks well to the amount and variety of content in Legion that I feel like there’s stuff I still want to do but just haven’t as of yet. I haven’t done many Mythic Keystone dungeons since the re-tuning either, but those I have done, I enjoyed. I think I’ll probably do more in 7.3!

Tomb of Sargeras – not technically 7.2, I know, but still worth mentioning. I really like this raid, for the most part. The varied scenery is done well here, with minimal green fel shit giving way to naga colors, some Holy Light, and the green then returns towards the end, but by the time I was on Kil’Jaeden’s spaceship, I didn’t care about the colors, because it was a cool setpiece. The mechanical complexities of the fights are mostly good, although I think that the number of soaking mechanics was too high (an assessment Blizzard agrees with), and I think on the tank side, there was a very sharp shift towards physical damage over the mainly magical damage of Nighthold, maybe a bit too sharp. LFR is a bit of a shitshow due to it being designed too easy (Desolate Host, for example, doesn’t get…Desolate Host, the enemy the fight is NAMED for), but that changes a bit with Kil’Jaeden and I hope that continues to some extent in Antorus. The tier throwbacks to Tier 6 are nice, but since I main a class that didn’t exist then, my set is cool but almost a bit too new – somewhat to be expected with the changing staff working on WoW.

Overall, it’s been a really solid patch cycle full of content, and even though the main solo content on Broken Shore has been a huge disappointment, what I’ve seen of 7.3 looks far more promising.

A quick programming note as well – two more posts coming today, with my Blizzcon guide series continuing into part 3 of 5, and a post with my speculation (spoilerific at that) for what will happen at Gamescom on Wednesday!

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