Last “Big” Raid – What Else Does Legion Have In Store?

So today was Gamescom.

I was wrong, both sadly and not. I get to be there for the big expansion reveal! So that means today is a day for discussing Legion.

There is something interesting I keep seeing in the comments and interviews coming out from Ion around 7.3, though.


The comment he keeps making is that Antorus, arriving in 7.3, likely activated by 7.3.5, is the last “big” raid of Legion. This piqued my curiosity.

This statement has been accompanied by a similar refrain of “there is more Legion story to tell.”


Here’s what we know (or think we know, at least) so far about Antorus:

-We get to work hard to free the essences of the Titans, who ultimately end up helping us in some form.
-Argus, the corrupted world soul of the planet we get to step foot on next week, is the last boss of the raid.
-During this fight, we go to the Seat of the Pantheon, and apparently, at the end of the fight or sometime during, Sargeras pops up to try and end us.
-Illidan has some plan with the Titans, and together the whole group of them seal the Seat of the Pantheon, making it a jail containing all the Titans, Sargeras, and Illidan as the jailer.
-Velen tells us “the Burning Crusade…is over” and I would guess this is the point where we grab our phat loot and move on until next week.

This, to me at least, speaks to a pretty definitive story conclusion to Legion. Illidan fulfills the prophecy of Xe’ra and the Army of the Light, finally ending the Burning Legion as is his destiny. With the Argus world-soul locked up in the Seat as well, the engine producing new demons for the Legion is kaput. We could, perhaps, go on cleanup duty across Argus, but that is really most of the content of the patch outside the raid anyways.

However, there is a story hook that’s introduced during the 7.3 questing that isn’t really tied up with the raid, at all. It also, conveniently, has nothing to do with the Legion and everything to do with what people still primarily theorize will be the next expansion…

To make matters better, it’s two story hooks in one!

To summarize, the journey to Argus brings us in contact with the Army of Light. We’ve heard about them a bit at the start of the expansion, and a bit more than that if you play a priest or paladin. They are the ultimate good guys this time around – they’ve been fighting the Legion for millenia, with a mainly Draenei force accompanied by none other than Azerothian heroes Turalyon and Alleria Windrunner.

Now, what’s auspicious about their reintroduction to Warcraft lore in 7.3 is that we see seeds of discontent among them. The Army of the Light heralds Turalyon as it’s de facto leader, alongside Prime Naaru Xe’ra, whose voice and weird fragment we’ve been keeping locked up in our order halls. She’s the one who sent us to see Illidan’s tale, and led us to the Illidari that ultimately sought to see him restored to his body, in order to fulfill his destiny (see above).

However, Alleria Windrunner is not welcome at the table, to say the least. Her husband, Turalyon, loves her and brings her along, where she does her level best to work alongside the forces of the Army of Light. However, Xe’ra is not particularly happy to have her. We see multiple developments through the Argus quests that indicate that Alleria, for all the hope in her return alongside Turalyon, is not really welcomed in the ranks of the Army of the Light, and she seems to be amplifying that through her actions.

You see, Xe’ra, as the main presence of pure Light in the faction, knows that to a Naaru like herself, the Void is bad, the Light is good, and while a Naaru exists on a sliding scale of these two things, they usually REALLY hate the void. A Naaru turning to void is seen as a horror. The Army of the Light, as a result, is nearly all paladin-type NPCs, given to be lawful, righteous, and empowered solely by the Light.

Alleria, however, pushes to the other side. She sees that Naaru are possesed of both Light and Void, and seeks to understand what her compatriots will not – the very essence of the Void. She trains under the tutelage of a void Ethereal – Locus Walker, learning how to harness the Void. This is key to the 5 man dungeon introduced in 7.3, where the threat is primarily Void-influenced. Alleria herself even harnesses the Void, allowing it into herself and becoming a Void version of herself in the process.

This is fascinating for a few reasons. Firstly, Xe’ra absolutely hates this – and Alleria is reprimanded very harshly by Xe’ra. Secondly, though – Locus-Walker has a lot of things to say about Alleria’s “destiny.”

This is without even touching on the second point – Alleria still, as of the content on PTR, has not met with Sylvanas Windrunner – her sister. The last she knew, her sister was a regular elf ranger, not the Banshee Queen, let alone the Warchief of the Horde!

I think this is the bridging content that is going to get us to Old Gods. Alleria gives us a friendly NPC that uses the power of the Void. You could show her driven to give in to that power and taken over by the Void upon learning of what Sylvanas has become. Further, there are some lines from Varimathras in Antorus that seem to confirm that Sylvanas is evil and is going to take a bigger role. (Of course, Varimathras is also a Dreadlord, so it is very possible he’s lying to us).

This leads me to think that Legion is going to get a mix of content going forward, prior to the launch of 8.0.

-New story content wrapping up the Army of the Light and moving us back down to Azeroth

-The Windrunner reunion that ultimately pushes Alleria over the edge

-New Void related content to give us a story bridge into a possible 8.0

And I think all of this is the content that will force us to relinquish our Artifacts. Not the raid, but trying to seal away the initial contamination of the Void. It will not be enough, but hey!

So while Blizzard did not give us an expansion announcement, we have a lot coming in a short time, and even more possibility for what can happen to close out Legion.

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