Who Do I Cheat on WoW With?

The fine folks over at Z and Cinder’s Blog Challenge had an interesting question for their newest challenge – what games do you play when you’re not playing WoW?

Even though the duality of posting I talked about when I came back hasn’t materialized, I’d say second place for me is Final Fantasy XIV. It’s the only other MMO in which I have level capped, despite trying Age of Conan, Guild Wars 1 and 2, The Old Republic, and Rift.

Final Fantasy XIV sank the hooks in for a few reasons:

-Gorgeous art and graphics with a different stylistic hook than WoW (it’s anime as fuck, which I kind of enjoy)

-Similar-enough gameplay circuits and mechanics (action bars, GCDs, resource-based gameplay, dungeons and raids, lots of questing, etc)

-Final Fantasy’s once legendary polish (strong soundtrack, well-assembled and thought-out gameplay)

It’s also the only other MMO that has really captured my friends, so I have a built-in social circle and network there, including some older friends who don’t play WoW!

During the months of June and July, it actually overtook WoW for me in terms of time played, as Stormblood was gearing up to launch and then came out. I finally capped when it was relevant, did endgame content, and I like it a lot!

The differences between the two are key for why I enjoy Final Fantasy XIV when I’m feeling a little burned out on WoW – raiding exists, but is a smaller, easily-queue-able affair, and each raid queue is for a single boss, which makes it much easier on time constraints. The design philosophy also tends towards less trash in dungeons and none in the current raid tier, so it makes gameplay really progress quickly and every kill is meaningful. It has a greater emphasis on small-group gameplay, with around 6 different 4-player random queues (called Roulettes) that give rewards daily, and since level-scaling in the game is used in those roulettes, it makes every dungeon in the game a possibility in a few of them.

Since one character can level and be every class and job, including crafters, it allows you to do a lot with just one character, and at a smaller subscription fee for a smaller character allotment ($12.99 for 1 per server) I can maintain it easily on the side.

Outside of MMO’s, I’m all over the place. I play a bit of the other Blizzard games, mostly Diablo III with a bit of Starcraft, Overwatch, and a tiny bit of Hearthstone, and outside of that, I enjoy old-school platformers (my most recent obsession being Sonic Mania).

Basically, MMOs are my poison of choice these days, and I don’t play much outside of them. 🙂

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