Patch 7.3….2?! The New PTR Build, Story Details, and New Clarity on 8.0

So I was planning to finally write my big Ny’alotha thoughts today, about how it’ll likely be our last patch zone of 8.0 and why, and the history, and all of that.

But after raid last night, before going to bed, the Wowhead Facebook page told me there was a 7.3.2 PTR, and boy, was there stuff on it.

Just as I was thinking about how this is the longest we’ve been without a new patch on PTR through all of Legion.

Before continuing, know this – there will be more spoilers in this post than an early-era Fast and Furious movie. There will also be lots of speculation, so again – be warned.







Let’s start with the gameplay side.

A Primal Sargerite trader? Neat. That is a cool add, and a good way to help the sudden shift of professions towards Argus materials. I wish he sold Veiled Argunite too, but the acquisition of that on my focused alts has been good enough.

Now, spoilers for real – Argus the Unmaker fight details!

Hoo boy, this fight looks crazy as fuck. 4 phases, a Lich King-esque death phase with a mid-encounter save, and lots of phase-specific Titan powerups that are all there at the end? Wow. An appropriate end-expansion boss, and I’d assume there’s a Mythic-only phase or at the very least a story event leading up to the end of the fight. Also, he’s got new trinkets in his loot table that gain buffs during just this fight, it seems. The trinkets run the gamut from being pretty alright to great, but during this fight in particular, I bet they will end up being BiS. The tank one has an effect that procs twice a minute, adding 2.2 million health to your max and full-healing you, but only on this fight! Like, seriously, what?! The base trinket has a ton of Agility or Strength, class-dependent, and a proc for a huge amount of armor, which is still a great boost for tanks in Legion. I know I want that thing.

However, let’s talk about the stuff I really, really want to talk about, because we have a definite answer to a lot of questions about Legion, and some larger hints at what comes next.

Illidan The Jailer

We have a quest, with voice over, that explains more of the text datamined from the raid ending back in 7.3 PTR, confirming, now, definitively, that yes, Illidan is the Jailer of Sargeras. Illidan asks us for a final favor, that we bring a crystal with a message to Tyrande, his former lover, Malfurion, his brother, and finally, there’s a message for us too. Illidan keeps it classy, despite what he’s been doing throughout 7.3, and tells us that he knew all along he’d never return from Argus, but he has embraced that fate. He apologizes to both Tyrande and Malfurion, making clear that while he made difficult, and seemingly incorrect decisions, he ultimately did what he felt he had to and the end result we see in Antorus is the best outcome. Tyrande and Malfurion’s reactions seem to leave a bit to be desired, but when you consider that they are not able to speak to Illidan, it makes sense that they would not spill their hearts to us. Then we’re supposed to take the crystal to the remnant of the Well of Eternity in Mount Hyjal, which I assume will trigger some cool cinematic like the end quest of Siege of Orgrimmar, where we get one finally circle around with the main characters of the expansion before it fades to black.

Lest you believe we’re done here, though – oh no. While the Stormrage family therapy is going on, there’s something terrible happening.

The Scar of Azeroth

Here’s what we know so far – the ending on Antorus has at least one detail remaining that is being kept a secret, at least sort of, because the quest to get the legendary ring freebie, that requires the Blood of Argus and was quite easily seen on the 7.3 PTR, has turn in text with Khadgar that indicates something awful has happened…to Azeroth.

The specific quote is, “But in his final spiteful act, Sargeras may have doomed us all. Our world is wounded, champion. Its life essence seeps out into the sands just as Magni foresaw.”


So it sounds like Sargeras, just before being locked up, strikes Azeroth, quite literally, with the end result being…this:


That is Silithus, or rather, was Silithus. We don’t know what this leads to, if we end up doing some questing here or some story encounter, we just don’t know yet. All we know is that the name of this map is SilithusPhase01, and it looks like a giant, seeping gash that has wiped out an entire zone. This tells us a couple of things – we’re likely going to come here for whatever Khadgar then asks of us, and Silithus won’t change like this for everyone.

However, let’s revisit the Illidan story hook for a minute, because…there’s something there we need to bring into focus now.

Tyrande, in her first words in response to Illidan’s message. says, “In my lifetime, I have twice witnessed a sundering of the world. Mother moon, I pray I do not see a third.”

Third sundering? Hmm, so there was obviously the Well of Eternity mishap, then the Cataclysm, but…third would be a new one. Why am I getting stuck on third?

Oh right, Ilgy’noth has that whole line about her third death ushering in “our” coming.


In a sense of things, would a sundering count as a death? Would a third sundering happen, and if so, would that trigger Ilgy’noth’s cryptic prophecy?

I think, yes. The build up of an Old God/Void expansion has been heavy all during Legion, whether it’s quotes from Xal’atath for Shadow Priests, Ilgy’noth’s riddles, and big chunks of the questing in Azsuna and Val’Sharah. That development has remained consistent throughout.

Further, here are some more signs pointing that way – Ilgy’noth also told us “the king of diamonds has become a pawn,” which clearly refers to Magni Bronzebeard, but the unclear part until now has been the manner in which he would fulfill that role of pawn. Here is my conclusion – by listening to the whispers of “Azeroth” – he directed us to take to Argus, to encounter Sargeras, who has now, it seems, struck a blow against Azeroth. While we don’t know for sure that this blow will be enough to trigger a third sundering, it does seem very likely. Azeroth is left, in this patch, literally bleeding, all because of a chain of events that Magni set off through Whispers of a Frightened World.

But here is the thing that ties that all together. A third sundering, started at Sargeras’ hands, which may bring about the fate he hoped to stop, and of all the places he could have struck at Azeroth? Silithus. Silithus has an interesting history in WoW, being a nothing zone in Vanilla until questing was added later, and then, hmm, what else?

Oh right. Ahn’Qiraj, home to our first known Old God – C’Thun.

So we have a prophecy of third death, a possible third sundering caused by Sargeras, events that were caused in part by the King of Diamonds listening to whispers, which is supposed to usher in “their” coming, and the their is Old Gods, and oh hey, the opening wound that may start this third sundering just happens to be right around an Old God prison.

Well, this seems pretty straightforward to me.

What we are seeing in this PTR build, even to this point, is full of potential. I’m suddenly very excited about this story, because I’m seeing these signs that point to a large, logical conclusion to Legion that rewards us as a community for listening to Ilgy’noth’s riddles and tying together the pieces.

Further, it seems to indicate that we may very well see a new-new Azeroth, brought about via a third sundering.

Holy shit, this is going to get way more interesting yet.

5 thoughts on “Patch 7.3….2?! The New PTR Build, Story Details, and New Clarity on 8.0

  1. Very hard to stay spoiler free , too curious, damn!

    Thank you for sharing your thoughts on this ๐Ÿ™‚ out of everything I read on Wowhead, it is, hopefully, a relief, that the map of Silithus is categorized as sharded. I just cannot deal with a permanent change to Azeroth once more.

    Brilliant thoughts on the reaction from Tyrande and Malfurion, that is a nice way to look at it. At first I found them really cold, but it make sense the way you look at it.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I’ve given in to spoilers far too long now – I still enjoy seeing things in game myself, but I can’t help but read PTR notes and obsess over datamining ๐Ÿ™‚

      I feel like the Silithus change is an indicator of a different direction that is good. If they do end up “third sundering” the world, then a phased approach with the current versions still available is important – at least to enough people that I think they should absolutely ensure they do that.

      I do wish we had more from Tyrande and Malfurion – I feel a little apologist for Blizzard by assuming that they might not be expressing everything to the player in these new quests, but I feel like it also makes sense. If a stranger told me my brother sacrificed himself for a good cause, I don’t think I’d pour my heart out to that person. I’d accept the news and deal with it privately. I think it makes sense, but there’s a weird, inconsistent treatment of player agency in the game where we’re at once the most trusted heroic force in all of Azeroth, but also not to be trusted with everyone’s inner thought and deeper emotions. I like that Legion has had lots of things we do get, like Anduin Wrynn, Genn Greymane, and seemingly Alleria soon, but I wish the treatment of player characters would be a bit more standard ๐Ÿ™‚

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I can relate to that ๐Ÿ™‚

        I sure hope so too, phased approach is the way to go.

        That would be fantastic, what you suggest, actually. We are so involved and “center” of the story, yet at times, we are treated like a stranger. Hm! I honestly though, really liked back when, for example, questing in Duskwood, and we were just someone passing by, offering our help.


      2. As much as I really want that new-new Azeroth, I still think about how mad it makes me that I can never go back to the Vale of Eternal Blossoms from MoP before Garrosh splashed Sha all over it. I want the new zones, but I want there to be an elegant handling of the idea and a way to go back and still play in the pre-expansion ones too!

        Liked by 1 person

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