My Week in WoW – Week Ending 10/9 – Solo Legion Dungeons?!

Firstly, an update to last week – I beat the Havoc artifact challenge, so now I have both challenge appearances on my Demon Hunter! Woo! I wrote about my experience and enjoyment of said challenges here.

Having said that, let’s dive into this week!

Soloing Legion Dungeons – I wanted to unlock a tint for my challenge appearances, so I was running some dungeons. At first, I did mythics with my guildies for the weekly event, but I still needed a few. I queued some randoms as Havoc, and while it was fun, waiting on another tank to go slowly sucked. So I figured…why not try doing some alone?

So I zoned into Eye of Azshara normal as Havoc, and…beat it. Alone.

Okay then!

So then I did Vault of the Wardens, and some of the harsher spots needed me to go Vengeance, but it worked – I did it. So then I flew to Darkheart Thicket, and…did that too. Neltharion’s Lair…done.

I unlocked the 10 dungeon tint mostly from solo play.

Then I did a couple of heroics, and that worked too.

So tonight, I’m going to take my Mythic +4 Upper Kara key, and well…let’s see how it goes!

Alts – The priest is officially fully kitted in Relinquished gear. I still need a couple of relics for Holy and Shadow, but otherwise, yeah – I’ve transitioned over to Monk and Druid primarily, with my Monk now two relinquished pieces away from full 910s, and my Druid has finished the Argus quests. I also had some lucky world boss rolls, getting a 930 shoulder and 945 gloves on my Druid in one kill! I’ve begun the process of taking my Paladin through Argus at a slower pace – that should be done pretty quick even still. After that, two more tanks to take through, and then it’s on to my last healer in Shaman before I move to the dreaded pure DPS classes.

I did some Tomb of Sargeras LFR on my paladin as Holy, and I’m actually shocked at how little the fights in that difficulty match even the Normal modes. Massive mechanics are just outright gone, and it’s actually kind of sad. I can see why people struggle with Kil’Jaeden in there – nothing in the rest of the raid on LFR has anything matching the amount of mechanical precision needed on KJ. And I wouldn’t blame that on KJ actually being hard – I think the rest of the raid is done a disservice by being so poorly mismatched to it’s bigger brothers.

Main Raiding – I finally played with my build a little bit, taking the Abyssal Strike talent and finally moving my last tier talent back to Soul Barrier, so I can play a bit more aggressively. It’s been pretty fun, with a self-targeting Infernal Strike macro so I can weave it into my rotation for more DPS, especially with Flame Crash. We also finally repeated our Fallen Avatar kill and had some reasonably solid attempt on Kil’Jaeden. Some simple, dumb mistakes were made but I feel like we’re trending in the right direction, and if math holds up, I could probably do this for another 6 weeks before I never look at this raid again. Hooray!

Fishing – I finally decided to start in on the Underlight Angler, trying to fish up lures. I did that for about 15 minutes before I noped out of doing it. I will someday get it, but man, I do not enjoy fishing.

FFXIV Patch 4.1 – nothing to do with WoW, but expect this to be a bit more bare next week – Patch 4.1 for FF XIV launches tomorrow and I hope to try Return to Ivalice since my Astrologian is already up to the item level needed and over. So, expect some minor bits of Final Fantasy XIV content to creep up, although Blizzcon hype will probably still smother it. 🙂

And I’ll probably say tomorrow if I end up pulling off a solo Mythic Plus 🙂

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