My Week in WoW – Week Ending 10/31/2017 – Demonology Warlock Gameplay, Unholy DK Hidden Apperance, and Balance of Power!

Hey all!

The first of two posts going up before I head out for Blizzcon tomorrow morning! What a week, too, we have to discuss.

Warlock – Demonology is…Good? – I decided I wanted to try a bit of gameplay on my Warlock, but I have never played Demonology, so I decided I had to try it. It’s been discussed at length as being unpopular due to the new style of gameplay, but I never played it. I only ever played Destruction and Affliction, so why not?

It’s really fun! The horde of demons thing is awesome in practice, and it captures a lot of the gameplay hooks that made the Necromancer my absolute favorite class in Diablo II. The use of Demonic Empowerment as a filler is weird, rather than pushing Shadow Bolt as often as I would expect, but once you get the hang of it (easy if you use Shadowy Inspiration) it is fun! I also got the Demonology hidden appearance, the class mount, and finished both the Legionfall and Argus stories! To top it off, I got the legendary chest armor The Master Harvester, which is conveniently one of the all-spec, class specific ones!

Unholy Death Knight Gameplay Continues – I really have been enjoying Unholy DK! I got through all of Argus, got a 930 belt off an Argus Greater Invasion boss, and capped off the week last night by getting the Unholy hidden artifact appearance!

Priestly Balance of Power – My guild took our chance at an off-week, pre-Blizzcon and post Ahead of the Curve, to brings alts in to smash through Emerald Nightmare. It was a blast! We 9-player ran the entirety of Normal in under an hour, and it was a fantastic time. I still need to do one more run for the Essences for the Balance of Power quest!

Otherwise, I have been keeping up my main on emissaries and counting the days to Blizzcon, and now I leave tomorrow!

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