Healing In Legion and Beyond – Video Crosspost

This video is about my original love in WoW – healing! Legion healing has been weird, but ultimately interesting and I think headed in a better direction. There is some quirkiness to work out with tank healing and the like…and it seems like Blizzard has some ideas about that in the Battle for Azeroth!

One thought on “Healing In Legion and Beyond – Video Crosspost

  1. Well thought out and presented. I heal every day. I have to admit being a little paranoid about my class (Druid) because lots of reasons.
    My other thought is a little disappointment. If the designers are happy and we’ll see little class change, well, resto-druids saw little class change going into Legion. We’d like to get shiny new spells and things to try out and play with. Some excitement about our class going into a new expansion.

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