Looking Back on My First Year on WordPress – Metrics, Comments, and Some Predictions!

This post is, in actuality, late.

I hit a year on WordPress with this blog about…2, 3 weeks ago? Something like that.

I honestly started it just because I wanted a place to talk about games without being interrupted constantly, overridden and pushed out, which was the extent of my interaction with gaming media on a podcast and YouTube project I was a part of. So I went back to basics, and decided to write about what I was doing in WoW.

It started well enough with a lot of guide and thinkposts about how to play a Vengeance Demon Hunter, and while I like that style of content, I tend to enjoy talking about the game at a higher level more often. So I made a switch, one that seems (so far!) to have worked out well. It helped that we had a ton of time to speculate last year, discussing new patches, expansion rumors, and the lore direction of the game.

And now, here I am, 3,112 views later, and I am confident that my vision here is working out well enough. I get to write and discuss the things I want in the format I want, and get to return to the joy of writing as well! Plus, it is nice to have people that engage frequently – folks that seem to read most of my posts and like what I have to say or how I say it, to which I say – thank you!

Going forward into 2018, I am confident there will be a lot more to talk about. Sure, it’s hard to argue that right now isn’t a slow time for the game, with a slow trickle of alpha news and the end of the frantic patch cycles we saw for that first year of Legion, but the future holds a lot of promise.

When I first started, I didn’t expect that the game would be shifting so rapidly around, or that this point in the expansion would have things to talk about. I expected that by now, I’d largely be writing about the alpha/beta of Battle for Azeroth and maybe whatever other news came out. Maybe I’d be writing more about Final Fantasy XIV (I did resub to that this week, so expect some things there, at least. I want to talk about it more!).

I also wasn’t sure what direction the game would go in – to be able to write about the vast shifts in stats, the class changes, and how all of this would unfold into BfA, alongside a stat squish, shifts in damage and healing calculations, and all of the new, under-the-hood goodies we will get in BfA.

Overall, I am so glad I took a chance to write about the game from my own perspective, and I am so grateful to everyone who has come by to read a post, especially if you’ve hung out for longer.

I’d especially like to thank those who’ve promoted my posts or site in general – folks like Alunaria, Coffee Cakes and Crits, and Growing Up in Azeroth! I also can’t forget my regular commentariat, including these folks alongside people like Lord of Icecrown, Marathal, and the frequnt likers of posts, like Wisteria, Wilhelm Arcturus, and Leto!

I thought it’d be fun to break down my most looked at posts and then offer some predictions for the rest of 2018!

Most Viewed Posts:

A Peek Behind the Veil of Shadows – so this leak analysis post was about an obviously fake leak, at least so far…no, it’s pretty done. I liked writing this because it was interesting to not just present the leak, but to attempt to breakdown what I thought was realistic or not in it, and to share my thoughts on the ideas in it. This was also the post that brought me the greatest infamy, being linked to MMO-Champion and NeoGAF, which brought the majority of the views. I am happy that I wrote it well enough that their notoriously-tough commentators seemed to like what I had to say as well!

On Argus and Flying – I refer to this post as “the ground mount defender has logged on.” My opinion on Argus’ design is out of the mainstream of the game, and I am okay with that – I just really wanted to have the discussion, especially given the toxicity about it I was reading so often on Twitter and other places. Having said what I said in this post, I should say though – getting to the Antorus door sucks and the southmost teleporter should always be on. Blizz pls!

Concordance of the Legion-What?! – I can’t tell you how this one got so high. I’m not super fond of it, it was sort of a wonky post breaking down how Concordance works. The best I can determine from analytics is that maybe the text of the post parses well for how people search to find out about Concordance? (I do like this title, though – 10/10 titling to me)

And now, for my 2018 predictions:

Battle for Azeroth will launch…in June: I still absolutely hold to this idea. Alpha has already opened up two zones per faction, with only 1 each left to test. The leveling dungeons have been tested, scaling seems to have been tested, and class changes are slowing overall in newer alpha builds. If Blizzard goes until August or September with release, the game is going to lose steam. Arguably, it already is – hence the unleashing of Seething Shore. Blizzard has learned pacing better. If I am wrong about the actual expansion content (and that is somewhat likely!) then I will double-down slightly and say that at a minimum, 8.0 patch will be out by then.

The First Tier of BfA Raiding will be interesting: Indications on alpha files right now point to a slightly-iffy experience with a smaller amount of content, but they could always patch in the rest of the raid tier. With just Uldir, the boss count is a bit low, but the intrigue and mechanics seem cool. I suspect that between the shortness of Uldir and the lack of tier armor drops, we’ll see some flak on the forums – which can be partially mitigated through interesting fights and a hard difficulty ramp-up.

Healing In Battle for Azeroth is Going To Suck At First: I just have a gut feeling here that my majority time-spent raid role is going to be rough in BfA – at first. Healing totals in the Blizzcon demo were low, damage taken was high, tank self-sustain was reduced (and Alpha has reduced it more!) and all of this coagulates into an image I’m not fond of. Early dungeon streams on the alpha suggest that the difficulty my group saw at Blizzcon, while different, is not altogether incorrect, and this is going to be a problem for healers specifically in my opinion. The current model, based around lots of triage through incoming damage, relies on scaling implements via artifact traits and the buff to health everyone gets for dumping points into their artifacts. Without these factors, coupled with the continuing lack of ways to influence mana regen, healers will likely struggle a bit and Blizzard will have to step in with some fixes. My weird hope is that it ends up landing near to launch Cataclysm healing difficulty – I really enjoyed that challenge, and to see it back in this way would be neat.

3 thoughts on “Looking Back on My First Year on WordPress – Metrics, Comments, and Some Predictions!

  1. I’m glad that you are blogging.
    The thing that really boggles my mind is how many international viewers find my site. From all over the world and I do enjoy looking up countries that I’ve never heard of before. WoW is a huge game and — people are looking for answers.

    Liked by 2 people

  2. Fun post 🙂 Interesting to see what brings in readers!

    Oh, I remember Cataclysm as a healer…Ouch, at first. I do not mind it. As long as people’s attitude follow. It was horrible at first; no one understood the concept of “OOM”.

    What, did I miss your videos? Last I visited your Youtube channel it says it had no content?

    So, June? Gosh, it’s so soon! I guess I shall speed up my Legion To Do List…

    June though? Is that a wise time for a game to release an expansion, in your oppinion?

    “point to a slightly-iffy experience with a smaller amount of content,” – are there fewer quests to do compared to Legion and such? Elaborate, but please try not to spoil too much, thank you 🙂

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