Hype Train – 1/16/2018 A Day Late Edition

Getting over the cold

Yeah, this is a day late because I’ve been sick, which has not been pleasant, but at least it has been on a fast track, which is good.

Gearing up my Druid

I finally have a new 120 to talk about! I’ve levelled my Druid, which makes my 7th class at 120 and my 8th overall 120 in WoW! Currently, she is at a 315 item level, and I’m just waiting for season 2 BfA next week to do some dungeons for gear.

Final Fantasy XIV Story Quests

My favorite thing about the frenemy-ship between FFXIV and WoW is that the release schedules interlace really well. With a new expansion about 6 months away for FFXIV, the story quests from patch content in Stormblood have been waiting, and I left off having only done a portion of the 4.1 quests. As of now, I’ve finished the 4.2 story and will be starting on the 4.3 stuff tonight, which will leave that plus two more patches of story content to run through. The story is getting more interesting, as unlike WoW, FFXIV tends to plant seeds for their expansions much earlier in the story, meaning that the lead up to the Shadowbringers expansion has already been started in the 4.2 story quests, which is something I actually really like.

Checking Out Zeppelin

Right down the street from where I live is a new barcade type place called Zeppelin, which just recently opened and seems to be doing fairly well! I always enjoy going to places like this – probably my favorite being the time I went to Gameworks in Seattle during a PAX and had an eSports shoutcaster commentate a few matches of Pac-Man Championship Edition we played after a few drinks. While I imagine the likelihood of that is pretty low, I hear the place is pretty cool and I am very excited to check it out!

Resuming Seal of Fate

I had fully intended for a new episode of Seal of Fate to go up yesterday, after a holiday/nothing happening in WoW break, but being sick and having a rough-sounding voice has delayed that! I’ll have a new episode for next week to discuss all the Season 2 goodness that is forthcoming, especially with the information we now have about the Reaping affix and what all will be changing!

Deciding on my watercooling setup

I’ve mentioned in other places that this is the year I will end up fully watercooling my PC, but what I’ve wanted to do in terms of setup keeps changing as I learn more. I had thought about doing a really fancy setup with brass tubing that I would have to cut and bend to match, but the more I read about that, the less I want to do it for my first custom loop. Soft tubing would be easiest, but it also scares me since the ends of the tubing can fray which can cause leaks. Then I was thinking of doing a monoblock to cover my CPU and a good chunk of my motherboard voltage hardware for better cooling, but a lot of articles and forum comments suggest it largely doesn’t matter and probably wouldn’t be worth the added cost.

So I think I’ve settled on a CPU block, GPU full cover block, PETG hard (but clear) tubing, and a radiator plan that should ensure near silent operation. I have to wait until the summer anyways (waiting for the Ryzen 3000 series processor and to save for a new video card), but I’m trying to lock in a plan of attack now so I can read more on the hardware I want to get and plan the loop in more detail. It is nerve-wracking, but exciting and I look forward to giving real watercooling a shot!

That is it for this week! Get hyped!

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