Just A Quick Note on A Fun Milestone – The Start of Year 3

Hey, so today officially marks 3 years on WordPress with this blog.

I wrote something fairly similar last year, but I wanted to take a moment to say thank you to everyone who keeps reading and to especially thank everyone for the constant comments, encouragement, and growth.

I beat my year 1 views by almost 150% in year 2, and that was without a cross-post on MMO-Champion forums and NeoGAF, and most of that is the same folks showing up, reading every post and being willing to engage in a fun, interesting dialogue, so I can only express a deep sense of appreciation.

Especially since for many of us, it has been a hard year – there was a lot of deflation in the WoW community this last year, and I won’t deny that I’ve felt it a lot too, but it has been so great to keep on writing and discussing the issues of the day with you all, and to even mix in some of my musing on Final Fantasy XIV, wrestling, and computers.

What’s my goal for this year? Well, I have been steadily increasing view counts each year and January has set a possibility of finally breaking 5,000 views in a year. I definitely want to do that – by offering more of my thoughts and trying to deliver more engagement. I tend to be too much of a lurker on everyone else’s blogs and I’d like to start commenting more too!

As far as content, well, a new year’s resolution of mine has been to write a lot more, and I’ve done that by splitting my posts 3 ways – mostly here, some at a personal blog I also launched on WordPress (here if you want to read that) and a political blog which I started on Medium but am likely going to move since the platform kind of sucks. But 2019 stands to be a very good year for WoW (potentially) with the introduction of Queen Azshara, the continuation of the faction conflict, Old God intrigue, and what I expect will be an expansion announcement at Blizzcon 2019 (which, if plans hold, will be the tail end of a world trip for my girlfriend and I!), and all the while, on the other side of my MMO interests, FFXIV is shaping up for a banner 2019 with the launch of expansion 3 – Shadowbringers, and with it some very interesting looking content and storylines.

On top of that all, I will have more things to share over the next few weeks, as I have ordered the last bits of my new audio recording equipment, finally upgrading my gear to pro-grade kit that should allow me to really focus on doing some additional podcasts, streaming, and video content alongside all of my written stuff. Hype Train as a weekly endeavor has been very good to me, giving me something to be excited about and share positively every week, and I have a few longer form drafts that I’ll be unleashing soon about the MMO genre and about my personal experiences with raid leading.

After all that, I’m right back to where I started – I never thought 3 years ago that I would have an audience who enjoyed my writing, but I am so glad to have found it and all of your blogs and I hope you enjoy what I have coming this year!

5 thoughts on “Just A Quick Note on A Fun Milestone – The Start of Year 3

    1. Thanks for the kind words and always chiming in! I appreciate that our perspectives on the lore vary by issue and it helps me see things I might not have noticed! Plus, you’re way more dedicated to your alts than I am!

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