Hype Train Week of 2/12/2019 – A Miniature, Late One

The Attempted Homicide of Lady Jaina Proudmoore – we got to Jaina last week and did a blind attempt during which we got to phase 3! I fully expect that should we get to her again this week, she’ll fall over and the counter will start for us reaching Heroic. It was a pretty fun fight, and has some interesting mechanics – the use of Heroism/Bloodlust as an interrupt(!) is especially interesting, and something I really am curious to see in LFR.

FFXIV White Mage Leveling – I got my tanks all to job status at level 30, so now I am coming back to my highest level alt jobs, starting with my original choice of White Mage. It is a different flavor of healing that requires some adaptation, but I’ve been enjoying it a lot so far and am almost 60 already, so then I can be up to Stormblood content with some time to spare. After that, I’ll either go with Samurai or Red Mage, since both start at 50, which should be easy, and if I do those in March, I’ll have my pre-order bonus XP earring from Shadowbringers!

Yakuza Kiwami – This one comes out on PC next Tuesday, but I am including it because it will be great fun, I can already tell, and I am planning on recording it for YouTube.

Recording – I’ve been stockpiling a ton of video footage since my new microphone arrived last Thursday, with hours of Sunset Overdrive and Civilization VI in the hopper, and more still to come over the next week. I’ll need to start editing the fotoage over the weekend, but the sessions went well (it is really hard to get used to a solo Let’s Play format when I am used to doing it with other people who constantly interrupt and talk over me!). I’ve got plans to add Final Fantasy XIII, Of Gods and Men, and Bioshock Remastered into the rotation to relaunch my YouTube channel with a ton of LPs in rotation and some WoW and FFXIV videos on top of that!

Three Day Weekend – I have 3 days off of work this week. That’s cool.

Podcasting – I recorded an episode of Seal of Fate for this week, but chose not to release it after the Activison-Blizzard news broke yesterday. But I will have one next week, and I think it’ll be a doozy.

Fully Wrapping Up the Horde War Campaign – I need to do this now, since 8.1.5 adds an acheivement to do both and rewards an Alliance Wolf and Horde Horse mount. They both look pretty neat!

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