Weekly Hype Train Week of 2/19/2019!

Re-Attempted Homicide of Jaina Proudmoore

So…we got nearly a full raid night on Jaina last week. And…it didn’t go so well. The transition phase between 1 and 2 is brutally punishing, requiring that your raid be moving fast, but also moving together and intelligently to minimize damage and debuff stacks, coupled with low visibility debuffs – white fog with whitish orbs and white tornados. It’s awful. If we can get past that, we can have a pretty solid phase 2, and second transition isn’t too bad, but that last phase gets very tricky very quickly. We’ve talked about doing an extension for this week to kill her first before moving back to farm bosses. Luckily, short of a few acclimation attempts on Stormwall Blockade for those that missed the kill raid, everything fell over pretty easily!

Final Fantasy XIV – I Got A Chamber Room, and Player Housing Is Now My Endgame

FFXIV has legit player housing, with a tough market for plots and apartments on popular servers (and I am on one of the most popular servers in the game!) so getting an actual house is very tough, getting an apartment is slightly eaier, but there is a third way. If your Free Company (FFXIV guild equivalent) has an estate, they might have allowed private chambers, which can be purchased cheaply and are basically an apartment tied to your membership in that Free Company. So I bought one and a bunch of furnishings and oh man, is it fun. It has no real gameplay impact whatsoever, and that is what makes it so much fun. It allows you to take a break and just decorate, redesign with different wall and floor styles, add, remove, and rearrange furniture, put up tons of wall decor or a little, throw down some rugs, and adjust lighting levels.

Besides that, I have been diligently leveling my White Mage job, which is now 4 levels from the current cap, and I visited the Aesthetician who made my Au’ra very cute with a hair color and style change, and new eyes. Plus, I removed some scales (Au’ra are dragon-people, so yeah). I’ve been working on discovering more of the game’s systems (it’s had transmog in the form of Glamour since it relaunched, but the methods you use to do it are very different from WoW) and just generally had a blast doing dungeons on loop to level my WHM, to the point that I am gaining familiarity with them like I have with WoW dungeons. I plan to hit 70 this week on White Mage, at which point I can either level another job or wait for March 1st, when the preorder bonus EXP earrings are mailed out, at which point I can level new jobs even easier and for longer (I have the Stormblood EXP earrings, but they don’t have stats that scale and only work to level 50, where the new ones have scaling stats and are supposed to go to 70).

Lastly, I’ve been watching a full back catalogue of YouTuber Larryzaur’s videos, who does pretty much exclusively FFXIV content, and his stuff is a lot of fun!

Yakuza Kiwami – Launched Today!

I am very excited to dig into the remade version of the original Yakuza game, Yakuza Kiwami, which sports vastly better graphics (Yakuza was a PS2 release, after all) and more modern gameplay with some fun tweaks, like Majima Everywhere, which makes your rival show up randomly to hassle you. I’ll be recording my journey through the game to share on YouTube, and it is already pre-loaded on my PC at home just waiting to play!

Dry Aged Steak – A Completely Non-Gaming Topic!

As a late Valentine’s Day thing, my girlfriend secured us reservations at the steakhouse at the resort she works at, and they have some interesting-sounding dry-aged steaks. Despite being a big steak fan, I have never tried one, and so I think I’ve settled in early on getting one to see how it is!

This week was actually a mini-one, unlike last week where I called it mini and then wrote a long post! See you next week!

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