Weekly Hype Train! Week of 3/5/2019

Farming Rep For Kul Tiran/Zandalari Unlocks

Now that unlocks for the remaining allied races (for now!) are a week away, I suppose I should finish the rep grind for them. Maybe. We’ll see.

Heroic Grong Needs To Die

Last week, after a bit of reacclimation, we repeated our kill on Heroic Jadefire Masters, and then spent about 3 hours total smashing our faces on Grong. Heroic Grong takes the same core mechanics with a minor twist (throwing the tank at the end of his tankbuster combo), but the tuning is FAR tighter. We were behind on DPS, due to inefficient switches, DPS not paying attention and dying, and orb inefficiencies leading to delayed raid damage. Despite that and a reduced raid attendance on night two, we got him to 10% and it feels like the resistance he is putting up is breaking down.

Final Fantasy XIV – Leveling Red Mage, Unlocking Flight In More Zones

Red Mage is the next job I wanted to level, and I have been at it since late last week. Red Mage is a fun hybrid-ish job, which mostly casts at range. The goal of your rotation is to maintain a balance of Black and White mana, by alternating casts of White magic and Black magic. This is made trickier by the fact that your constantly available white and black magics cause procs which allow other spells from the same school to be cast, forcing you to find a rough balance while avoiding capping the mana bar. Once you are above 80/100 in both schools, you can hit Corps a Corps, a gap-closer that moves you into melee range, and then hit a 3-attack melee combo using your rapier, doing substantial damage and spending your mana, before backflipping away to return to casting and building a balanced mana bar.


Since the job was added with the most recent expansion, Stormblood, it starts at level 50, meaning you only have 20 levels to grind through and more engaging world content for it (although dungeon roulettes remain powerful experience gain mechanisms, and the roulettes often place you in low-level dungeons), and I ended play last night at level 59. The job is a lot of fun so far, as it has a bit of a mastery curve (your core builder spells have long cast times, but you have a neutral spell in Jolt, and the other core job mechanic is that hardcasting a spell grants the Dualcast buff, making your next spell instant-cast), so you have to learn to juggle between Jolt and your main builders, avoid capping your mana gauge, and effectively using your melee combos to deal maximum damage. It is fun, because it looks daunting (initially, you end up keybinding around 11 job damage abilities plus cross-role abilities, so you end up with around 16-18 keybinds to start).

On top of that, I’ve been in the expansion zones enough to start to want flying in them. Unlocking flying in FFXIV only requires finding all the Aether Currents in a zone, which is done through a mix of questing and exploration. It gets a little tedious, as the game doesn’t offer a lot of simple ways to find them, but slowly I’m adding more currents and hopefully by the time I’m leveling some lower level jobs, I’ll be able to fly!

And that is…actually about it for this week!

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