A Quick Post on the Blizzcon Leaks (“Leaks”) and Their Viability

Hello from Fiumicino airport in sunny Rome!

I’ve got about 6 hours before takeoff for Tokyo, and thought I’d share some thoughts on the recent leaks.

Firstly, the most credible – a Diablo artbook’s German product description seems to confirm a Diablo 4 by showing a post-Blizzcon release date and saying it has Diablo 4 art in it. This is a no-brainer to me – Diablo 4 is certainly bound to be announced next week with artwork to show. Easy conclusion and not really earth-shattering.

Now onto the more interesting stuff!

An Overwatch streamer by the handle Metro_OW on Twitter indicated 3 things – Diablo 4 (duh), Diablo II Remaster (more interesting!), and Overwatch 2 (hmmm). A few things on each of these ideas:

-Diablo 4: it’s the biggest no-brainer right now short of WoW 9.0, so not even speculation as much as a sound observation, even before that art book leak.

-Diablo II Remaster: probably would be my most exciting news, not gonna lie. Diablo II is my second most-played Blizzard title and one I’d easily sink more hours into with a properly-built modern take. Given the data mined art from Warcraft III Reforged, it’s clear the Classic Games team at Blizzard can keep art style intact while significantly improving fidelity – important for Diablo II and its gritty gothic style. I believe in this one, and only 20% of that is from wanting to will it into existence!

-Overwatch 2: I want to like Overwatch, I do, but it falls into a sort of “not for me” loop where competitive games breed toxic communities that I refuse to subject myself to, and so I’m probably not the guy to speak on this rumor. For what it’s worth, I think the slowdown in business results for Overwatch speaks to a business case for a sequel, and the ability to vastly rebalance using lessons learned from the first game is a good player-facing reason to consider it. The systems Metro discussed in his tweets would add more depth, and if they’d add a single-player mode to bring in the lore, I could see giving it a shot!

Overall, that plus a WoW expansion would be a stacked Blizzcon and one that would go a long way to erase the thud that last year’s con landed with.

I have more to say about today’s Wowhead mines (interesting cinematics!) but that will wait for a more gathered time when I’m not about to fly for 14 hours!

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