My Site in Review: January 2020

What a month!

I set out at the beginning of January with some goals that I thought were pretty bold and going to be a challenge, and then set to writing, trying to hit one post a day. I didn’t quite hit the mark, but I reached 26 posts for the month and just under 60,000 words, nearly 10,000 of which were in a single post!

On the traffic side, well, I did far better than I expected, although a chunk of it was an interesting disclaimer we’ll get to in a minute! For the month, the stats break down like this:

Total Views: 2,410
Visitors: 1,578
Views/Visitor: 1.53

This makes January 2020 my biggest month so far, and put me 157 views away from  matching the full year of 2017! It also comfortably beat out my prior record-holder month, August 2019 (thanks Blaugust!) by 78 views!

Now, here’s where we get to the asterisk (for me, at least). Of those views, 626 of them came in to look at my August 2019 post “A Treatise on Ion Hazzikostas.” Why? Well, after the Ny’alotha ending came out, the post was linked on Reddit in a comment thread joking about how bad the ending was…which made me nervous because Reddit can be a bit awful, and that post in particular is something I would expect to not go over well with the people unhappy with the current game or the raid ending! However, in the end, it was a good traffic spike, and there are signs it was the cause of some growth – so hey, if you clicked the link in an unclear joke comment and ended up here, welcome, and thank you!

So with that, my most popular posts for the month were the following:

1. A Treatise on Ion Hazzikostas – 626 views
2. The 8.3 Datamining That Completely and Totally Tells Us What 9.0 Is – A Spoiler-Heavy Look (Also A Few Paragraphs About That Blizzard Issue At The Bottom)*takes deep breath* – 90 views (I don’t know what this was popular – unless people think “that Blizzard issue” is about the disaster-launch of WC3 Reforged?)
3. Timing is Everything – Predicting Shadowlands Release – 84 views
4. The Secret Questline of Patch 8.3 – 83 views
5. Some Spoiler-Heavy Thoughts on the Shadowbringers Main Scenario Quest – 80 views (this one remains popular, and while I think a part of it is that I keep linking it when it ranks highly, that doesn’t quite explain it IMO)

Looking back, I think there were a few trends that drove views outside of random Reddit linkage – the patch 8.3 launch in WoW being the biggest. I predicted that the patch would drive traffic and it definitely did – even the Reddit post was in response to 8.3 content, so it fits with my expectations. No parts of the BfA review series I posted hit the top 5, but they were late in the month and given that, they got very close. The response on those pieces has been highly positive, which I definitely appreciate!

As far as pieces I was pleased with for the month,  I’d again point at the BfA review series posts, Horrific Visions – A Model for Gameplay but Not For Rewards, and The Crushing Doubt of Too Many Options – Open-Ended Gameplay as Viewed Through Final Fantasy XIV.

Gameplay-wise, I spent most of my month playing, oddly enough, WoW. I’ve written to this point about how patch 8.3 is fundamentally unsatisfying in a way, but at the same time, with the full launch of Season 4, alt-fever and goals have taken over, and I’ve been on a string of playing a ton of WoW lately. I have no doubts that this will taper off, but it may still be a month or so before it really hits the wall, which is…unexpected.

In the immediate future here on the site, I have a few posts in the works, including:

-My current WoW experiences (including my quick guide to mastering 8.3 content)
-Final Fantasy XIV patch 5.2 content (coming soon!)
-Ny’alotha raid experiences (currently 11/12 normal)
-Shadowlands Wish List series (part 2 is in drafts now and getting some love because it is going to be a bit big!)
-Everquest II experience (I overpromised on this one, indicating I wanted it out in January, but between actually being invested in patch 8.3 and not getting as far as I wanted in EQII, I didn’t want to do it a disservice by writing based on one zone worth of gameplay.)

As for February personally, well, I get married in just under two months, so that is cool! I have a trip for fun to Sacramento at the end of the month to see a live show for one of my favorite (non-gaming) podcasts, and game-wise, I am looking to get some time in with Warcraft III Reforged, along with some Steam Lunar New Year sales I picked up (mostly Planet Zoo and Ape Out).

So January 2020 is in the books, and what a month it was!

2 thoughts on “My Site in Review: January 2020

  1. Reddit links are always a mixed blessing! That said, my experience has been that most hardcore Redditors don’t like commenting on sites other than Reddit very much, so worst case they’ll just tear into you somewhere else, but the site tends to remain relatively quiet in terms of comments. Grats on those stats in any case!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks! I’ve found that when I end up linked to any site that makes me nervous, it usually gets a lot of clicks but tamer response than I expect, at least so far. I got really nervous with the post they linked specifically because they are very anti-Ion on Reddit, so that proclivity works for me!


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