February 2020 – Month In Review

Another month down, 10 left in 2020, and a lot of things still to come!

February was a slower month on the site just due to the nature of things – WoW patch 8.3 came out in January and had settled mostly into a groove for February, we went all of February without any major Shadowlands news (short of an encrypted alpha build or 3 going live and waiting, hanging over the room), and while Final Fantasy XIV’s Echoes of a Fallen Star patch 5.2 went live, most of my readership doesn’t play FFXIV or read about it, and I’ve spent most of my playtime in FFXIV engaging with the endgame content to get a good impression (so a writeup is forthcoming!).

With that said, the site still did healthy enough numbers for my satisfaction considering nearly half the posts of January and no major spiking event like the Reddit linkage that happened last month!

February Stats:

1,457 Views from 832 Visitors
82 Likes and 40 Comments

This represents a more-than-doubling of February 2019’s traffic despite fewer posts, so there’s a lot to be said about momentum. The top 3 posts for last month were:

Patch 8.3 Announced and PTR Posted – What We Know: Curious since the patch had been out about a month in February, but I think there was a general confusion among the larger, less blog-read playerbase about the patch features and content (evidenced by Blizzard’s 6-week late guide on acquiring the legendary cloak underpinning the gameplay of the patch!) and so I think a lot of viewers were delivered that way!

Some Spoiler-Heavy Thoughts on the Shadowbringers Main Scenario Quest: A perennial favorite, to the point that I am not even going to link it this month just for funsies, I think that this one continues to do well both because it was linked on larger blog sites and because the story of Shadowbringers has taken some sharp and interesting turns with the newest patch, leading some people to look for anything to refresh them. I remain flattered that it is my post that people seem to gravitate towards, but I keep grasping for reasons why it is so enduringly popular, as it has now become my most read post ever. Maybe we’ll see if not linking it this month helps that!

The Activision-Blizzard Q4-2019 Earnings Call and My Armchair Analysis: This one is a category I try not to get into too much, but I found some interesting things worth calling out in the Q4-2019 ATVI earnings, largely things that pertain to the impact of the Blitzchung fallout (not really there) and the settling of Classic against Retail (seems, generously, to be 50/50, which is ill-tidings for Retail, although curious to see how the launch of 8.3 affects things). It was popular largely because the analysis was a lightning rod for further extrapolation of how Retail is doing, which led to some fun comments.

Personally, February was a good month for me! In game, my guild finally downed N’Zoth on normal and has started pushing into Heroic. I finally four-masked a Horrific Vision and in 4,500 Corrupted Mementos, will have my last point for the We Have the Technology acheivement, meaning I can start buying rewards from Wrathion like the backpack! I’ve gone up to a 457 average item level, which makes me feel really sturdy for tanking and really powerful in a DPS role. In FFXIV, I did all of the normal mode endgame content that came with Echoes of a Fallen Star, and now I’m just going through the gear grind for Ruby Weapon EX and maybe some Eden’s Verse Savage! In the real world, I got to go see one of my favorite podcasts do a live episode, which was a fun experience, and finished pretty much all of our wedding prep, which is good, since that happens in like 4 weeks!

In March, I’ll have the last part of my Shadowlands wishlist online (I’ve been working on this draft for, no kidding, 3 weeks now!), I hope to get my EQ2 piece up online, I’ll probably talk at least once about wrestling, and my hunch is that by the end of the month, we’ll be swimming in Shadowlands alpha content!

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