A Brief Hiatus

I’ve kind of been on something of a brief hiatus as is, so I guess this post is just an official confirmation of it, more or less.

After my last post here, I’ve been thinking over some new posts, handling some things in real life, generally dealing with the new set of circumstances we’re all under, and getting a lot of play time in my two main MMOs.


kayl item level


aotc nya


glory nya

…play time.

syl lh job levels

While I’ve been thinking about a lot of different posts, I want to give myself a little bit of room to think on them and also to just relax and play a bit more to add some context to those posts.

So, given that, I’ll be resuming posts on 5/15/2020. I have a post that is a comment reply to my last post, a post about gaming during our current times, and some looking ahead posts at the future of my main play MMOs and also just gaming in general. I have a couple of sidenotes in mind, with the new Intel CPU announcements, and so this is just a chance to let things happen for a couple of weeks more, settle out, and then to discuss them when I return!

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