Hype Train for the Week of 6/2/2020

Hey, so this one is a smidge late.

I have two items off the top – firstly, obviously, the world has kind of a lot going on right now – the breakdown resultant of decades of systemic issues boiling over. In such a world, it feels somewhat silly to be sitting here and writing about video games at all, but I think the world is made up of a lot of different things and for a lot of people, games are foundational to their lives in many different ways. Having said that, it is worth stating loudly – black lives matter. Our society does not uphold that, and there is a lot of positive movement being made by people pushing on the powers keeping that awful status quo in effect. I am lucky to be what I am so that I do not have to feel much of the fear that black people do on a daily basis – but that shouldn’t even be the case in the first place. For me, I have remained very engaged with the news and following public accounts on Twitter of what is happening at various protests, and it is a grim world I see as those upheld as protectors have so completely abdicated that responsibility. In such a world, gaming is a good break, a moment of relief, but the reality still exists and is worth acknowledging.

Which leads me to item the second, and more personal – I’ve probably leaned more on gaming this week as an escape because I lost my job on Monday. I am of two minds about it – obviously, the first is that it sucks and creates some degree of uncertainty for me that I’d rather not have to plan around, but the second is that I am in a good state currently financially and it has helped me emotionally and mentally to not be concerned with my work. This also offers me a chance to work more at being a writer and content creator first without the loss of mental and emotional energy I often spent on my work. I intended to have this up yesterday, but I would be lying if I said that I wasn’t spending most of the day escaping from reality for a moment, still in a bit of a shock from losing my job and amplified by the state of the world. I’m optimistic that this is a great moment for me to work more on my writing and to get back fully into video production and podcasting, and having that time back is a gift more than anything.

So…yeah. I’ve had a week already! Let’s go talk about gaming!

FFXIV – A Bit More Crafter Leveling To Do

Every combat job is at 80 and 475+ item level, with only 3 slots total across all gear sets to get every job up to 480+ item level. All of my crafters are now at least level 70, and with only 10 levels or less to go per job, I expect I’m on the downslope!

FFXIV – and Gatherers, Too

Gatherers are 80/71/71 Miner/Botanist/Fisher, respectively. Not much further to go and I enjoy tuning out in the Diadem a lot, plus it helps with the crafting via Ishgard Restoration and the levels I have remaining for those jobs!

FFXIV – Mount Farms

Got my sheep mount from Ishgard Resto and the Reveling Kamuy Fife from the moogle tomestone event currently going on! Still have around 40 more tomestones to go for the Zurvan bird from the moogle event, after which I’ll probably refocus on farming the Nightmare mount from A Realm Reborn since I have all of the other ponies!

Lastly, FFXIV – Gil Farming via Roulettes, Regular Play

I’ve been trying to max gil return daily by doing roulettes using Adventurer-in-need bonuses, which usually means either going tank (currently, my go-to is Gunbreaker) or healer (my original main job, White Mage). It’s fast queues, good amounts of supplemental cash, and I’ve actually enjoyed revisiting tanking on GNB since I last played the job seriously early in Shadowbringers almost a year ago. My play has been made more interesting since I finally installed ACT, the third-party program that real-time parses to give you a damage meter in the game. I have a fuller post on this in the works, but here’s the short of it: gunbreakers are broken in lower level dungeons on damage output, I usually beat at least one DPS in a raid when healing on WHM, and monitoring overhealing with my standard healing style on WHM is an interesting experience!

WoW: Farming Mounts

I did Hellfire Citadel and Blackrock Foundry to try for the mythic mounts. I might start rotating more alts in now that I have time, but I haven’t decided yet. Eagerly waiting for next week’s Shadowlands stream to see what happens there!

Tonight We Riot

I played this game a bit over the weekend, and it was interesting. It is a fun, but sort of clunky beat-em-up. Saying it has political themes would be an understatement, as the themes in play are definitely text rather than subtext, but the ways in which they function as game mechanics are interesting!

AEW Double or Nothing

Saying I watched this is probably wrong – I’ve been watching clips and debating if I want to pay the full cost for it, but I think I might for the Stadium Stampede match. A 5v5 brawl all over the stadium of the Jacksonville Jaguars, this match was a fun example of the COVID-19 caused cinematic match that has taken over wrestling, with a handful of matches in WWE and now this match. There is a pool spot, a character change, a bar fight, a mascot getting hit with a finisher, and a lot of madness, but I haven’t seen the whole thing start to finish and I kind of find myself wanting to!

Super Mario Odyssey

This is a game I got with my Switch two years ago (it was a bundle with special Mario-color JoyCons) and I haven’t finished it. It’s fun, it’s Mario, there’s some interesting stuff there but I keep gravitating over to my PC, so I will probably need to make some time for it.

New Steam/Epic Pickups

I probably should not have, but I grabbed Control for $20 on Epic, and picked up Shadow of the Tomb Raider and A Plague Tale: Innocence for cheap on Steam.

Writing – Posts in the Bank

I’ve got some bangers for later this week, I think. The conclusion of the EQ2 experiment (spoiler alert: it isn’t really about EQ2!), the effect that using ACT while playing FFXIV has had on my gameplay, covering some Shadowlands datamining, and more!

And that’s it for this week!

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