Weekly Hype Train! Week of 6/9/2020!

A new week, more things to be hyped about, so lete’s go!

FFXIV – All Things Tradeskill: I’ve been having a blast spending large chunks of my days just grinding out levels in crafting, doing all of the requisite gathering for stuff myself, and then trying to play the market board to my favor. My highlights so far – selling an Orchestrion Roll from Eden’s Verse: Refulgence for 900,000 gil, getting the hang of the crafting scrips system so that I can gear up to 448 on all my level 80 crafting jobs with ease, and getting Soul of the Harvest for having the gathering jobs all leveled to 80. I have very few jobs left to level – Blue Mage when I’m ready, and then a few crafting jobs (blacksmithing, armorer, culinarian, and leatherworker – and once those are done, I can stash away gil and start to work towards my long-term goal of a house in the Firmament once Ishgard Restoration is complete!

FFXIV – Hunts and Mount Farming: I got my Nightmare whistle at last, knocking out all of my ponies from ARR content! I also got the requisite Skybuilder’s Scrips for the Unicorn mount, marking the last mount I needed from that content as well, and I have half of the nuts I need to get the cool Forgiven Reticence mount from the Shadowbringers hunt clan. In another day or so, I should have enough moogle tomestones for the Zurvan bird mount, which is the last mount goal I have from the event, and once that is done, I’ll probably push to do hunt trains until I get enough nuts for my previously mentioned ivory sin lion!

WoW: Leveling a Highmountain Tauren Hunter, Mount Farming: As my last post went into, part of my coping mechanism for the current state of the world and my life has been doing really simple character leveling in WoW. I’ve enjoyed it, surprisingly, and it has given me an easy hour or two of stuff I can do daily. Otherwise, I continue to hit mythic WoD raids for my mount farming and that is about it for now!

A short week this week, as the stream for the Shadowlands reveals promised by Blizzard was rescheduled, but later this week will see the PS5 stream originally due on 6/1/2020, which is expected to show a final console hardware design and some game footage, which should be pretty cool! I’ll have more on those topics as they become relevant, and later this week I’ll have some addendum posts for my starting experience discussion post, my promised FFXIV damage meter observations post, and more!

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