8 thoughts on “Attempted Spoiler Free Post – My Leveling Experience in Shadowlands Beta Part 1: Bastion and the Introductory Experience

  1. That’s my fear. That the Maw feature will turn off so many players from the initial encounters. I do hope they make some tuning adjustments. It’s all well and good to show us it’s a dangerous place, but we don’t need to get slapped in the face with it. I am actually curious if beta will pop up for me. In 11 years of playing, I only got it once, and that was because I went for the free diablo bonus, and only got beta the final week.


  2. Not much to say on the beta as I haven’t been invited and may have actually opted out. I used to test software for a living, and already have a real job 🙂

    BUT. To minimize your interaction with WordPress’ new (awful) editor, have a look at https://openlivewriter.com/ – this is an OSS fork of the original Live Writer for Windows (that used to be distributed by MS). Doesn’t take long to set up, and makes for a great way to get your draft together before final edit in the WP (awful) editor. I will caution that it hasn’t seen much forward progress since it was released in prerelease in 2015, but I take it that if you can build your own C# projects then there have been plenty of pushes up on GitHub.

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  3. Was it just starting experience with the Maw? I’m very interested in how it is played at 60 once your power grows.

    By all means the “danger” lore must not equal “annoying gameplay”. I think one of the solutions could be a minor Maw tech tree, for example giving you speed buffs, an buff to ignore ground spikes, a buff to reduce aggro radius etc. I don’t mind being slapped in the face in the beginning, but once you grow in power and knowledge, your resistance should grow too.

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    1. So far, I’ve just done the starting experience version of the Maw – which has the same limitations as the level 60 version but without the benefits (Cyphers provide some of what you mention) but I haven’t tried the endgame version yet. It is on my list for today since I need to know!

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  4. I clearly must have a sadistic side I didn’t know about because your experiences in the Maw sound hilarious! Preach had a pretty good video about it too, which made it sound like a lot of things, such as the mobs not dropping anything, are simply unfinished. He also reported finding temporary mounts/stealth buffs and that it looked like you’d be able to unlock your ground mount for regular use after a bit, so things may not be as dire as they seemed to you.

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    1. It was kind of funny, in a way! I haven’t seen Preach’s video on the topic, but the level 60 Maw does have an upgrade system through Cyphers, and if you can get mount access and such eventually, than it isn’t that bad. Having it be fully limited for the intro experience feels kind of bad and I’d prefer to see mount access allowed for it (would solve about 85% of my annoyance with it) and then taken from us in the lore at the tail end instead of just confusingly not having it at all for the level 50 version you enter the expansion via.

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