An Unintended Hiatus

Hey readers!

I thought I would be able to better balance the two, but I am working on a writing project that has diverted most of my writing time to it, so through this week, I’m not going to have a lot to offer.

When I get back, here is what I am working on:

-Holy Paladin in WoW experiences
-My Theory About FFXIV Healing in the Future Based on the 5.3 EX Trial
-Shadowlands Beta Stuff
-Patch 9.0 WoW Prepatch News (Some real interesting stuff there…)
-Toxic Fan Communities (Based on some posts/videos about both WoW and FFXIV I saw, just an interesting topic to me)

And more! I should be done with my draft work by Friday and hope to have some new posts up this weekend on the above topics!

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