Blaugust 2021 Is Almost Here!

I missed out on last April’s Blapril (just rolls…right off…the tongue) because it was obviously a very chaotic time for all of us and thus I missed out on the chance to participate in a blogging challenge event last year, but this year, I made sure to devote the time!

Blaugust is a fun community event run by Belghast over at Tales of the Aggronaut, which has maintained a pretty great participation rate even as the blogging community shrinks a little bit year over year. My first year participating was only 2019, and it brought a lot of attention to my blog, marking an inflection point where my traffic and audience grew considerably, and I gained a lot of long-time followers and commenters from that event.

The basic idea is easy enough – a post a day throughout August. If you need a hand, Belghast has put together theme weeks, which are laid out below, but you can also just power through and write whatever you please!

There are blog awards for reaching a number of posts as well as just signing up as a Newbie, which gives you a cool graphic (I really should put up my 2019 Rainbow Diamond, maybe next time I dig around my theme), and there is a pretty active Discord server for participants to bounce ideas off one another, share posts and content, and even play games together.

In 2019, I definitely went my own way with posts, writing whatever I wanted, but I think this year I might try to stay on a theme post streak, at least once a week touching on the theme so helpfully provided by Belghast.

If you’re trying to actively grow a blog and find a community to read your posts, comment, and help you on the journey, it is well worth a signup, and the posts you’ll see during the month reflect a lot of different styles and some stretches outside of the comfort zone for many participants. That all makes it one of the best times of the year to be active and writing. You’ll get a fantastic mix of content that is well worth reading as well!

If you want more details or to signup, the full details are in Belghast’s post on this year’s extravaganza.

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