A Small Update

It’s been a while since my last post. Let’s see, I went here

To see this

And then my wife and I adopted him

Sir Chonk Meowington (we knighted him) (Chonk for short)

And then we unfortunately made our acquaintance with this asshole

And that about covers things since my last post! My visit to Las Vegas was my first proper one (I’ve only ever been in the airport there a couple of times) and it was…not quite that spectacular, but we live in what amounts to Little Vegas anyways, so gambling and drinking alone is never going to be that great of a hook when you live in a city that does the same stuff on a smaller scale!

AEW’s Double or Nothing was a great event overall, for the most part, although our live experience was ruined by our seatmates, who were thrashing like mad in the nosebleeds and spitting when using plosive sounds (seriously, I’ve never met people who spray that much ever), plus the show had some lackluster pacing later on (trying to book the card in real time around the NBA finals was a poor move, in my opinion). It probably didn’t help that we walked most of the Strip in the same day, so the show dragging on towards the end was more tiresome than it otherwise would have been.

Our new kitten, adopted from our sister-in-law, is incredibly cute. He is hyper-energetic and vocal, but he’s also been receptive to training which has been good because of the last bullet point, being sick.

So, COVID. It sucks, folks!

Luckily, both of us are vaccinated and so the symptoms have been relatively mild, although I’ve had it marginally better than my wife, who got the bodyaches and extreme temperature variations (for the first day, at least) while I’ve basically just had a bad headcold and stuffyness with clammy warmth. Because of the sinus pressure, I can’t say I’ve done anything super interesting in games (I’ve been learning more Black Mage and Dragoon in FFXIV) or in general (I’ve been rewatching bits of my favorite anime, Yu Yu Hakusho, on YouTube before I commit to bringing out my full series Bluray set to rewatch properly), and while I’ve read and followed some news stories (the first talent tree previews for Dragonflight and the monetization shitshow that is Diablo Immortal), I don’t have much formulated on them yet. Posts on those will probably follow soon enough, as well as a more proper write-up on Double or Nothing and a draft I have sitting in waiting about boss mods.

But those will probably come later this week, after the remaining symptoms start to tail off!

3 thoughts on “A Small Update

  1. That’s a great looking kitten. We talked about getting a kitten to grow up with the puppy but decided it might be too much – kind of sorry we didn’t, now.

    Glad to hear your covid experience hasn’t been too bad. Mrs Bhagpuss and I both had it back in March and thankfuly it was so mild we wouldn’t even have realised we had it if we hadn’t tested, which we only did because a bunch of people where I work had just got it. Symptoms were almost identical to the hay fever/allergy attacks we get around the start of Spring so we’d just have thought it was more of that.

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  2. Hang in there, both of you!

    My sister-in-law and her husband both came down with Covid right at the time we met with them (and my in-laws) for Mother’s Day, so I had a near brush with that damn virus myself. I’m still not sure how I avoided it, in spite of everybody involved being fully vaccinated, but it was sheer dumb luck (definitely not smart luck, given that the diagnosis came a couple of days after the get together).

    All that notwithstanding, I’m just glad you both are on the mend!

    I was about to ask you your opinion about the most recent WWE Hell in a Cell match, but I guess you have opinions already given that you were at an AEW event!

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