Blaugust 2022 Is Coming!

It is simultaneously my favorite and least favorite time of the year on the site!

Favorite why? Because it’s Blaugust, an annual celebration of the world of blogging put on by Belghast of Tales of the Aggronaut, where a bunch of us who still write join up and attempt to write a post a day for the entire month of August. There are always a ton of participants including newer and returning writers, and the feed will be flooded with interesting things to read.

Least favorite why? Well, because of how I write posts, daily writing is a taxing burden that means I spend a lot of time typing for the month, and the mountain of content to read is sometimes difficult to chip away at in a satisfying manner!

This year, there are some changes afoot for the event. Achievements have been added and the Discord has been spruced up a little bit to better facilitate conversation. The theme weeks and post milestone rewards remain the same, giving you something to reach for and some small incentive for having accomplished a ton of writing.

For me? Blaugust is a conversation starter, a good time to drop some heavy posts and get a lot of discussion going, and it also leads to some fun with theme posts – last year, I dropped my first music post for it!

If you’re interested, be sure to check out Belghast’s post for more details or head to the signup form to get started. On my site, I’ll be tagging all Blaugust posts for this year with Blaugust 2022 to make finding them easy, so keep an eye out if you’re looking for stuff to read!

One thought on “Blaugust 2022 Is Coming!

  1. I’ve a love/hate relationship with the concept of Blaugust.

    I did Blapril back in the pandemic, and it remains the high water mark for the number of posts in a month I performed, but I was stressing out over it in a way I’d not in blogging since… well… since I started blogging and worried whether I sounded like an idiot or not.

    For the goal oriented person, setting a goal of a post a day can bring out the worst in themselves. But simultaneously, also the best, because it forces an aspiring writer to do the one thing that will make them better: write. And write. And not give a damn about their inner critic. (Yes, I’ve read quite a few Writer’s Digest books on the subject; does it show?)

    If I do decide to participate in Blaugust, I’ll probably do my usual routine of not bothering to sign up and just simply write. I mean, I signed up for NaNoWriMo so many times in the past and hardly ever got any writing done, the only time when I did get more than a few hundred words was when I just said “I’ll follow along”.

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