Getting Into the Battle for Azeroth Spirit – A PC Case Mod

So while waiting for the 8.0 patch, and also waiting for my new PC parts (should be build next week!), I had a bit of an idea.

I’ve never seriously played a faction outside of the Alliance, and my new case has two tempered glass side panels.

I then thought that I could probably do something cool to get the new system ready for Battle for Azeroth, and this was the end result:

It was pretty easy to do – I bought the decals off an Etsy store – if you get vinyl ones, they should look pretty similar, and the effect is really nice in person through the smoky tint on the glass.

When the full system is built, I’ll have LED strips pointed at both to light them up from behind, which should look really good (I hope)!

(Also my Lightforged Draenei Priest is now level 40!)

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