Patch 8.0 – Five Things You Can Do Right Now (Well, In A Few Hours, Or Maybe Now, Depending On When You Are Reading This)

Patch 8.0 is out…now(ish!)

I’m posting this the night before it comes out in the US, and two nights before the EU launch, but Legion will technically be over with this patch.

So what can you do? Well…Legion stuff.

But, the pre-patch period is still worth playing, both because there will be some new stuff, but also because it is worth checking into the classes and specs you are looking to play. So let’s talk about the top 5 things to do with the Battle for Azeroth pre-patch, Patch 8.0.1!

  1. The Burning of Teldrassil – starting with the patch on July 17th, you’ll be able to start the slow rollout of the Burning of Teldrassil quests. While very different for Horde and Alliance, you’ll have some incentives to do so and a good amount of story building that will ramp up to the launch of the expansion. It is probably the best reason to return for the pre-patch, since it will give you a good taste of the story we’ll be getting in Battle for Azeroth.
  2. Class Changes – unlike almost any prior pre-patch, 8.0 has a really good advantage in that the class design tweaks will all be present. There are no new skills past 110, artifacts will burn out and allow us to play without those traits affecting things, and the Azerite traits are all passives as far as I have seen, meaning that what we get with 8.0 will match the play experience at 120. This allows those of you on the fence to test and see how your possible main specs will play, so it is worth logging in to do some dungeons, maybe a raid or two or some PvP, and start to think about how your spec and class choice will hold up.
  3. War Mode – one of the lowkey most enjoyable features of the new expansion is War Mode, the replacement for PvP ruleset servers. You can opt-in to War Mode from a capital, which gives you a few large advantages in content at the cost of being PvP enabled. You get a boost to experience gain, currency gains, and other rewards, and the ability to use PvP talent choices in the open world. If you have any inclination towards PvP, this will be the best way to play, and even if not, the rewards may make it worth it. You can try it during pre-patch, and see how it works for you as you play through the Legion content!
  4. Legion Content, but Readable (Stat Squish) – With 8.0, the stat squish version 2 will be live, meaning that health, damage, and healing will be dropping drastically. You’ll be doing hundreds of damage, and only have thousands of health, with the numbers being far easier to read, which may make the current content more worth doing.
  5. Join a Community – the pre-patch also brings better integration of social features into the game, with Battle.Net communities being available through the in-game interface, allowing for more group features, in-game chat to multiple groups like guild chat, which effectively paves the way for you to be a member of multiple communities and plan events in game with each of them. It, similar to War Mode, is a small set of tweaks that will be very influential!

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