Weekly Hype Train – 3/26/2019 Edition!

Final Fantasy XIV – Patch 4.56

The conclusion to the story of Stormblood is live as of today, and while I hear it is short (and leads to a 30+ minute credits roll!), I’m looking forward to getting through the quests to wrap up the story and wait patiently for the Final Fantasy XV crossover event as I level other jobs up!

Other FFXIV Content – Alphascape, Leveling Thaumaturge/Black Mage, Hildibrand Quests

With the patch today also comes the conclusion to the current Hildibrand quests. Hildibrand is, for all intents and purposes, comedic relief, with quests that are silly and irreverent, but also lead to some fun gameplay and trials. I’ve also been catching up on the Omega raid series and did Sigmascape over the weekend as Red Mage, which was pretty cool, and that means the way is clear to the final 8 player raids this expansion, which means I’ll put some time towards running through the 4 fights of Alphascape this week! Lastly, I decided to run low level casters up to higher levels, which has meant going back to Thaumaturge, working to level up towards Black Mage, which is currently the top DPS job!

WoW: Heroic Conclave Continues to Confound…But Gets Closer to Conclusion

My guild’s efforts in BoD remain somewhat stymied by the difficulty of the Conclave of the Chosen fight – we spent a solid raid night wiping but progressing on the fight this last week, which felt better than the prior week, at least! I am confident we’ll get it this week, as we’re throwing more consumables at it (Vantus Runes time!) and after some tweaks to kill order and kill timing, we were at least semi-reliably getting to the last boss out before dying. I’m conflicted on this – I don’t mind productive wipes, although I would stres that many of the wipes were simple mistakes rather than learning attempts, so my hope is that we’ve all got those out of our systems when we head back in!

Outside of that, my slow progress towards Zandalari/Kul’Tiran unlocks continues, and I’ll likely be working on leveling some plate alts with newly upgraded heirlooms soonish, as I still have my DK, alliance Warrior, and horde Warrior to level.

Writing – A Fun Post In The Works

A recent post I hinted at involved me making fun of myself for an old game design document, and while I was worried I might not find the old documents I thought I had around when I mentioned it in a previous post – I found them all! Part of my posts this week will be taking a look at this, which is funny, but also has something of a message to share!

And that is about it for this week, a little bit light, but I expect that to change with April on the horizon, more Shadowbringers news, the patch 8.2 PTR, and next week will feature a big dive into wrestling with the upcoming Wrestlemania!

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