The Re-Re-Re-Re-Return of the Weekly Hype Train, Week of 2/4/2020

It’s the fifth time I’ve opted to return this feature post! Will it stay this time! I guess there’s only one way to find out!

N’Zoth the Corruptor: My big focus for WoW this week is the final normal fight in Ny’alotha, with the showdown with N’Zoth’s weakened form being the only remaining fight for my guild to close out normal. Last week, we went on a hot streak – stopped in week 1 by Ra’den, we then cleanly got him down, one shot every boss afterwards except Il’gynoth (who took two attempts), and then with 8 minutes left in raid, got a clean one-shot for our first attempt on Carapace of N’Zoth. The main N’Zoth fight seems far more mechanically dense than most of the rest of the raid, but my hope/expectation is that we’ll be able to down him with a night of focused attempts, especially with the raid having largely upgraded gear, a lot of folks with their third minor essences, and the confidence of our late-raid murder streak last week!

Horrific Visions: My main is going to be pushing a few four-chest runs this week for a hopefully-sweet gear upgrade but also just because I enjoy testing my limits. It will be my first time on live servers pushing the lost zones in Stormwind, so while I have practice from PTR, I expect them to be frustrating, especially the Old Town section with sneaky rogue stuff. I feel like my ideal clear order attempt is going to be Cathedral trash > Dwarven District > Old Town > Trade District > back to Cathedral for Alleria, but we’ll see if that holds up once a vial is on the line!

Ryse: Son of Rome: Fun fact – I owned this game in 2013 on the Xbox One, before I sold my Xbox One. I liked it, so when the Steam Lunar New Year sale had it cheap on PC, I grabbed it. It runs exceptionally well on my system (stretched UI for ultrawide resolution notwithstanding) and the combat has been an action treat for me.

Learning Ren’Py: Okay, so my first game dev post was about designing a very different game and using Unity, but since then, my fiancee and I had an idea for a game that would be very well suited to a visual novel, and since I know Ren’Py works well for that (it was the engine that powered Doki Doki Literature Club, after all), I’ve downloaded it and played around a bit to see what I can make with a few tutorials and some time. I’ll probably write about this one later – I’m still working on my own design, but this is going to be easier to build and implement, and the idea is more fun and lighthearted, but it also turns out it is an idea that doesn’t appear to have been explored yet so…gonna hold that one close for now!

Disco Elysium: I bought this during a Steam sale, because it sounded very up my alley, and the hosts of my favorite podcast are voice actors in it. I played a little bit of it before deciding I wanted to record it, and I enjoyed the gameplay – it has a lot of introspective moments, interesting systems, and a world and environment begging to be explored!

That’s about it for this week, and we’ll see if the hype train pulls back in next week!

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