A Genuinely Quick Check-In On My Endwalker Goals

Last week, I put up a post discussing my Endwalker launch-window goals. Since then, I’ve made a fair amount of progress towards many of them, and I wanted to share them quickly today!

Leveling All Jobs to 90, Starting With Retainer-Equipped Ones – 1 Left (For Retainers, At Least)!

This expansion, with a full slate of level 80 Retainers to start, I aimed to progress the jobs that my Retainers had – Warrior, Bard, Fisher, Miner, Monk, White Mage, Black Mage, Dragoon, and Botanist, in that order on my retainer list. At present and as of last night, I have finished all of these jobs except Dragoon, which is now halfway to 81. With that, I’ve also completed all the role questlines for Endwalker, hooray!

Once Dragoon is leveled, the choice becomes more freeform and open, and what I’ll likely do is knock out jobs by armor type. With Dragoon leveled, the easiest progression would probably be Reaper to get rid of sub-90 Maiming armor (and I dinged 74 on Reaper last night as well!), then while I could do Ninja for Scouting armor, that’s also not a ton of saved bag space. A part of me wants to go full healer-main and level the 3 healer jobs to 90 after that, since my healing set at level 90 is robust (and now has raid gear in it, too!), but I’m very indecisive on that right now and since any leveling accomplishes the goal I have in mind (and my Armory Chest isn’t hurting for space as-is, even with some 80-90 progression gear sitting in there!), I might just let whimsy dictate what I level, as I’ve enjoyed Red Mage and Samurai as my old alt-jobs of choice, and those are both ready to level that 80-90 stretch, but then I also really liked Gunbreaker in Shadowbringers and haven’t gotten to try the new one-button Continuation combo, so…decision gridlock, ahhhh!

Leveling/Gearing All Crafter and Gatherer Jobs to 90 – Done!

It took my entire pre-Endwalker Gil stash to get enough materials, even with leveling gathering first, but I did it – full 90 omnicrafting is in my grasp! I also got to make my own set of crafting and gathering gear, pulling off a full item level 560 HQ set and the only thing left to do on both sides is get to full pentamelds of Materia on each piece, a goal that I am working towards slowly via purchased and scrip Materia being grabbed in bulk to load up for overmelds (I killed around 30 rank 9 gathering Materia last night to get 5 overmelds…oof). Either way, I’m set to be prepared for the first Master Recipes drop of Endwalker on Savage week so I can make pre-raid BiS gear and I’ve been far more diligent about extracting fresh Materia from fully-soulbound gear to build a stash, so I may even be able to sell some overmelded pieces on the Market Board with the Materia I’ve stockpiled.

My current tradeskill goal is to keep up with Gathering, as I still have 1 more Regional Folklore for Endwalker for Botany and all 3 Regional Folklore tomes for Fishing to buy, so I’ve spent some time each session doing laps of collectable gathering, learning the proper rotation so that I get, at minimum, 5 max-rating gatherables from each node and get around 200 white scrips a pop. Since the purple scrip gathering set is not worth it (higher item level but no materia!), I haven’t really gone in much on purple scrip collectables, but once I’ve got my regional folklore done, it might be worth doing just to build a stash!

I’ve also finished the Studium quests in full, so that is another goal checked off!

Complete Shared FATE Rankings for Endwalker Zones – In Progress

I haven’t even tried camping Chi, but I have been working as I do hunts on alt jobs to join FATE trains in zones for some easy bicolor gemstones and ranking ups. As I get closer to having jobs leveled, I might just do FATE trains as my next progression activity until they are rank 3. There’s a lot of value to the gemstones for crafting (those kill-only materials being purchasable makes farming them a lot easier!), and there are rewards I’m interested in from the higher-ranks of the gemstone vendors, as well as trying to open the capitol FATE vendors to have all options on the table.

Tomestone Gear My White Mage – Done!

Got full 570 Tomestone gear on my left side, including weapon, and a mix on right side of 570 Tomestone gear and some 580 raid pieces. Still haven’t ventured into the EX trials, but I am sitting comfortably at a 572 item level on White Mage and my healing feels pretty on-point in terms of MP efficiency, throughput, and casting speed. That means for subsequent healer jobs, I just need weapons, so I am likely to plow Aphorism tomestones into alt-role gearing, probably starting with tanking gear.

Finishing Endwalker Side Quests – In Progress

I’ve been padding the time between roulettes on my DPS jobs with sidequests, and I’ve done a mix of Labyrinthos ones (almost finished the entire top-half of the map, in fact!) and Thavnair (I have, I think, only one remaining quest in Yedlihmad), and I knocked out a small handful of the Camp Broken Glass options in Garlemald. I haven’t really touched any sidequests in the other 3 zones yet (save for the Aether Current ones, of course) and so those are wide open as I progress through job leveling.

And that about sums up my progress so far. As for new goals, I’m eyeing a full set of raid gear for White Mage, getting my Gil stash back over at least 1 million, leveling my Trusts (you can use them for Reaper/Sage in Shadowbringers and the experience they get there, while reduced, carries over for the Endwalker content and thus it’s pretty easy to push them up higher without super-grinding Endwalker dungeons!), and then there is the crafting goal on the horizon with trying to capitalize on the Savage launch with crafted gear.

Overall, while the intensity of early-expansion gameplay is starting to fade a little bit, there are so many goals to achieve and things to do that each session still feels fun, rewarding, and involved – and that’s really what I want from an MMO, so hey – mission success for me!

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