A New Year Post

Happy New Year to those for whom 2022 has begun (for me, that is still hours away, but soon enough)!

After a little holiday break (ok, I’ve mostly just put time into Endwalker and a project I’m working on with my wife), I’ll be back with some posts over the next week. I’ve had some drafts in the works but wanted to take a moment to read and revise, and on top of those drafts, I’m also planning some posts to recap 2021 in both FFXIV and WoW (because both had very notable years for very different reasons, haha), and some longer analytical posts (in no particular order, a plot analysis about the Sylvanas story, a healer comparison for FFXIV now that I have all 4 jobs at 90, and some design analysis of class/job design and the nature of additive/subtractive design as I see it).

2021 was a rough year in many regards, in the scope of this blog in the discovery and fallout of the culture within Blizzard and a large period of the year spent anticipating new content across the board, some of which definitely delivered (Endwalker says hi) and some of which did not (9.1, which is likely to remain current for at least another 2 months, oof). Personally, the year was full of ups and downs, many of which I documented over the year and especially during the Blaugust 2021 event.

Overall, though, in reflection, I had a pretty good year personally and my best year to date here on the blog, and if you’re reading this – hey, we made it to another one!

Here’s hoping that 2022 is what you want it to be, and in the coming days, I’ll discuss what I would like to see for my two (now one) MMOs of choice, in tech, maybe even in wrestling, and just overall – and I’ll finally, finally publish those drafts!

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