A (Slight) Programming Update

It’s been a minute, huh?

I basically missed the whole Blaugust train, and after some early thoughts about catching up, just let it roll on past. I appreciate the event and what I did write in August, but I didn’t write much. Why?

Well, the early part of the month was patch prep and actual gameplay in FFXIV, and the back part was going back to school.

Yep, at 36 (well, less than a month from 37), I’m back in college doing a degree program in Game Programming and Development. I wanted to give myself the best chance of early success, so I made a conscious decision to backburner some things (mostly writing here and some amount of gaming time) so that I could get into the flow of things. So far it’s going really well and I am glad to make that a priority, even with the twinge of regret of not writing here much (or at all since I started, really). As I get the flow down, I’ll probably pop in more, but I’m going to avoid making any broad declarative statements for now!

In gaming, well, what can I say? FFXIV patch 6.2 has wrapped me up pretty firmly, and I’ve been pushing Savage with two different raid teams on two different characters. It has been an adventure, as neither group has cleared past P5S yet – my main group because we missed our first week due to PAX West and the emergency maintenance that killed our first scheduled raid night, and the alt group because there are some skill deficiencies that need to be sorted out, but things are going pretty well and both groups are fun to play with. For my part, I’ve typically been top damage in both, one with a VERY meta job (Ninja) and the second with a non-meta job (Reaper). I am fairly confident my main static will get P5S this week, and I think the alt static is nearing the clear as well – Devour will remain an issue for a minute with some players, but the practice time with that mechanic has gotten more regular and that will be good. The group rotating players in and out has meant inconsistent stutter-steps in progression, but that is what I came ready for, so most frustrations I would feel normally were already pre-dropped in my mind.

My raiding alt has actually seen the lion’s share of my gameplay, given that I decided (for some godawful reason) to make her my second omni-crafter, so I have been leveling all trades on her as well, and after a few weeks of that…


I haven’t spent much time on either character’s Island Sanctuary (it seems cool but it is also not quite my thing), and I still have some unresolved business on both before 6.25 drops next month – Tataru’s Great Endeavor on the main, the full Hildibrand chain on my alt to prepare for Manderville Weapons. Gear-wise, my main is full crafted 610 armor, with some Slaying tomestone accessories and Maiming pieces to take me to 612 on Reaper/Dragoon and 611 on Monk/Samurai, and my alt has full crafted for just Dancer and Ninja (shared accessories made this an easy play!) with tomestone accessories and a Scouting helm to put me at 612 Ninja and 611 Dancer. With omni-crafting almost leveled on her, I just need to get a few Regional Folklore tomes for Endwalker to be able to make the rest of the crafted gear she needs on her, instead of having to mule it over from my main, since I already have the prerequisite Master Recipe books on the alt (and I muled over full, almost completely penta-melded Pactmaker crafting and gathering sets for full stats to gather new nodes and make the 610 gear with ease). I’ve been using normal Abyssos tokens on the alt to gear her Paladin gear set, and on both characters largely just for the look – until I can full-clear Savage on both for dyeable versions of the armor, I want the glows and rings, dammit!

On the WoW front, I’ve been keeping up with the Dragonflight beta from afar, and there have been some events that may resolve some of my social issues with a possible return…possibly. I’ve debated returning to the game with the expansion, a place I thought I might land anyways, but such a return would mean striking a better balance between WoW and FFXIV than I had before when I played both, as I have no interest in giving up either Savage team at the moment, which may be the dealbreaker in some ways. Even then, I might still poke in for the launch just to see, but I’m very much undecided on that in general. I still definitely have concerns about the endgame structure of the new expansion and with supporting Blizzard in general, and it would take a tremendous move to push those far enough out of sight for me to fully consider that return. All of those words to basically say….well, things are much the same. I will admit to reinstalling the Battle.net client to check if I got in to the Dragonflight testing, but since I don’t think they invite inactive accounts, well, it might be a waste of 30 seconds every week. Oh well!

Personally, aside from school, my wife and I just celebrated our second wedding anniversary and that’s pretty cool, and our kitten is approaching 6 months old and getting spicier by the day (he’s still very cute and fun to have around, though!).

But that’s about all the catching up I have for now, thanks Final Fantasy XIV maintenance and finished school work!

7 thoughts on “A (Slight) Programming Update

  1. Thanks for the updates! Island seems grindy for my convenience, it’s literally when I’ll have nothing else to do.

    Question: where’s the next Tataru quest of 6.2.? I completed her story from previous patch, and can’t seem to find the current sequel.

    On kitten: such a nice one 🙂 hopefully you get him neutered (if you don’t plan to breed), it’s exactly the right age.

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    1. I’m in the same mindset on islands – look cool, waiting to be doing less in-game before I really go deep on the systems and everything there.

      The Tataru quest is in Old Sharlayan, back by the Artifact armor vendor!

      And on the kitten – thank you and the fixing is already on the schedule with the vet!

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  2. Good to hear from you! Congrats on your return to study. I wish you competent group members for group assignments.

    I’ve been waiting to hear your thoughts on Abyssos savage. My newly formed (two nights a week) static got our P5S kill on our fourth night. We managed to get our reclear about 1.5 hours into last night’s post-reset raid. Devour is about 90% of the roadblock, then about 9% the Squall after that. Spread, bait, stack, DON’T LEAVE THE STACK TOO EARLY, oh shit now poison puddles, CLAW TO TAIL, now breathe. I’m having so much fun! Our second night this week will be all P6S prog. On Materia DC we get some weirdness with any server downtime ending at 8pm local time, which is also when savage unlocked. Going into P5S utterly blind was such an interesting experience. Seeing the fight for the first time at the same time as everyone else worldwide was cool. We even got to Devour that first night, just figuring out the mechanics ourselves. (There was no way we were getting past Devour without the simpler strats the community came up with though.) On both our kills I’ve panicked at the last Claw/Tail and screamed at myself for landing a damage down during the push to beat enrage. Such a great system to encourage good play.

    I got my BiS neck piece on our first kill and it’s so weird (post-WoW) to think “That’s it. I’ll use this neck until 6.4.” Love it.

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    1. Devour is one of those mechanics that is simple once you figure it out, but it takes a fair number of attempts to get there. Doing two raid teams meant that by the time my main group was finally able to run, I was (nearly) a pro and the braindead strats were circulating, so I feel pretty confident in my ability to do it now! The only thing I dislike about it is that the FFXIV netcode strikes if you try to use movement abilities to get out of it – I’ve used both Hell’s Ingress on Reaper and Shukuchi on Ninja, looked like I evaded it on my screen, but gotten gobbled up anyways!

      From what I’ve heard, both 6 and 7 are relatively easier than 5 on Savage, so here’s hoping! Grats on the BIS neck!


      1. My FC’s other static (the A team) cleared 6 much faster than they did 5. They’re a seasoned group though, so I don’t want to set my expectations by that. At least half of mine have never raided in XIV!

        We have a motto for Devour now: “the snapshot is real”.


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