Welcome to Kaylriene!

Welcome to my blog on all things Demon Hunter! I noticed, looking around the web, that while there is a lot of great theorycrafting still happening for WoW, there doesn’t seem to be much critical analysis of Demon Hunters, particularly Vengeance. More specifically, lower-level, not cutting-edge Mythic analysis is a bit lacking.

The class is new and often misunderstood, with broad changes during Legion alpha, beta, and live from 7.0 to 7.1 and again in 7.1.5, so I figured I could fill this void.

Now, I guess, the question is, who am I?

Well, I play Kaylriene, a Night Elf Demon Hunter on Cenarius-US. You can check my armory out here! I’ve been maining Demon Hunter since the pre-release event for Legion, and played the class a bit in alpha/beta for Legion. Prior to that, I mained a brewmaster Monk during the majority of Hellfire Citadel progression, and have played a priest in varying specs as my raid main before that. My raiding time in WoW started back in 2005 with Molten Core as a healer. I’ve raid-lead, taking my guild through normal and heroic progression during Cataclysm and the beginning of Mists of Pandaria before real-life forced me to step away.

Currently, in Legion, I’ve been a main tank through Emerald Nightmare on both Normal and Heroic, Trial of Valor up to heroic Guarm (we haven’t tried H Helya yet, but hey!), and through all of normal Nighthold. I’ve gotten ample playtime in with all 3 of the major meta-builds for Vengeance, and I’ll have posts talking about all of them in the coming days. I’ve done Mythic+, although a bit less, and I have played unrated PvP (always as Havoc, though).

My goal with this blog is to help an under-served segment of WoW players – those playing Vengeance Demon Hunters outside of cutting-edge progression content. I want to focus and talk about normal and heroic raiding, serving as a main tank, guild leadership, gearing, previews of new content, and every now and then, maybe some other classes too. I currently have eight 110 characters, all of which are at least item level 830 and artifact knowledge 25. They cover all roles and armor types.

I’m aiming to not just leave the discussion to long-form written content either, though. I’ll also be uploading YouTube videos, streaming gameplay on Twitch, and maybe even providing short bits of audio content like a podcast. I’m still hammering out all of the ways in which I can interact with the larger WoW community, so let me know in the comments or over on Twitter if you have an idea or feedback!

Outside of WoW, I work a day job in convention management, which provides a lot of interesting context to my attendance at gaming conventions! I also write stories and novels, which you can purchase via my Patreon. I am becoming a fitness junkie, and I may write more about that here and there – as I am doing it primarily to aid my training as a professional wrestler.

I look forward to getting to know more people in the WoW scene, and sharing my thoughts about my favorite class in all the world…of Warcraft!

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